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if you want to live, live by the blade

Dogs by Miwa Shirow

Stray Dogs
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welcome every one to dogs_icons its and dogs icon community ..u can post all the icons related to dogs here and other stuff like banners color bars and so, feel free to join and watch this community if u like dogs and always credit the icons for their owner or to this community if u take any icons


01.post large images and icons behind an LJ-CUT.u can put teasers out but not more than 302. If you post other people's fan art, make sure you post the link and credit the artist.03. If the entry doesn't contain any thing related to Dogs well be DELETED 04. Be kind to other members and their posts and comment on whatever u like ... 05. You can get the scans Here .06. Your entry must contain icons Or stuff about Dogs. its ok if u post other too with it ,but their should be DOGS 07.Credit is a must, in keywords for icons and user info or resource page for anything else.08.You must be a member to post and request anything. Please join if you want to.


community created by ADMIN & Moderator hikaru sama
E-mail: nineheavens@hotmail.com
if u want to ask any thing or having any problem please contact me.
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graphics every thing by me ♥